The strong points of OpinionTact

01Time saver and productivity booster
No more overloaded boxes with survey forms containing the valuable data you are looking for. No more tedious data entry. With OpinionTact the cycle is direct: create, survey, analyze and take action..

02Ultra-quick creation of your survey
You create your survey, you test it and activate it with a few fingertips.

03Immediate results
The results stay on the tablet and are directly available for viewing, without time lapse.

04Easy to use
Just like the tablet, OpinionTact is easy to use by anyone. No IT grade nor special technical skills needed.

05For all your questions
You formulate your questions in the form and wording that fits your profession and your target group.

06Personalized look
With a few fingertips you add your logo and colors to the survey.

07Trendy tool
The tablet is a trendy tool, a real must-have in modern communication. Your clients will adore you opening up this channel.

08Export for advanced stats
For more sophisticated analyses, you can export the results to your favorite statistical tool.