Create your survey on tablet

01Your needs

About 100 years ago Henry Ford, the famous automobile manufacturer, could still say:

Any customer can have a car painted any color that he wants so long as it is black.Henri Ford

Since then, the circumstances have drastically changed :
The demand side of the market has developed, and to respond to the constantly changing needs of the consumers, manufacturers had to diversify their products. To grow and to survive, especially in times of economical crisis, an entrepreneur must listen to his clients and prospects to adapt his offer, to find new niches, to establish customer loyalty and to attract new buyers.
Today, knowledge of the expectations of the (potential) customers plays a crucial part in your company's ability to thrive .
That's why we've developed a tablet survey solution : OpinionTact©.
OpinionTact makes customer surveys easy, quick and cost-effective.
OpinionTact is a simple and easy-to-use tool, flexible and fun that makes your target groups want to answer your questions.
OpinionTact enables you to consult your respondents' opinions simply and easily on your tablet, at your fingertips. 

02Installing OpinionTact

You can choose to install OpinionTact on your Android tablet, simply and quickly. If this is your first experience with a tablet, you may want to order a tablet with the software already installed.
You define a password to have access to the results and the creation of the surveys.
OpinionTact can be used immediately on your tablet. 

03Creating your first survey

What would you like to know ?
Once your goal is defined, you can continue and:

  • Give your first survey a name
  • Add your logo and image, or use the standard look
  • Add questions to your survey: simple choices, open questions, semi-open questions, questions that expect a date or a numeric valueÂ…
  • Add the options and responses, for questions with predefined options
  • Change the wording, the order of the questions and the order of the responses, until you really like your survey
  • The data collection is about to start ! 

04Test & correct your survey

No need to change your environment or device to check what your survey looks like. It's all there, on your tablet.

Are you not completely satisfied ? No problem, go back to the creation mode and make the necessary changes to optimize your survey. 

05Activate your first survey

Activate your survey with one simple button !

Now it's ready to be shown to your target and collect their responses.

No doubt that your respondents love this trendy tool and appreciate that they can freely and easily express their opinion. 

06Analyze the results of your survey

The results of your survey are presented on your tablet, in the form of tables. This enables you to easily verify the number of respondents and their answers, in absolute and relative terms. 

07Go a step further...

  • Create your second survey, or change the first one
  • The interface enables you to update your survey quickly and simply
  • Share your surveys and the results easily between several tablets
  • With a few clicks, your survey is available in all your points of sales, and the results are put at the disposal of the managers.
  • Export the results to a statistic tool for more elaborate analyses, graphical presentations, etc
  • Store your data and results on an external server.

Like you, OpinionTact is dynamic and responsive to the needs of the market.